Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg, Texas

Most of the times I hear people saying that, Texas is a desert.
If you also think so, then let me introduce you to a place called Enchanted Rock, Fredericksburg, Texas
I enjoyed one of the best hiking experience there, with my friends and family on Thanksgiving’2011 (Nov 26th) and would like to share this amazing experience with you.

So, we started from Austin, Texas at @1:00 PM. After almost an hour and half drive, we reached our destination.
With a road accompanying beautiful farms and town, and my dad’s favorite collection of Kishore Kumar’s old songs, that drive was more enjoyable. :)…….
Weather was windy and cool and we just needed a good stamina to climb that rock and enjoy that beautiful sunset. Don’t forget to put on your sport shoes, big no-no for flip-flops, sandles. Having an idea of weather beforehand, we were all prepared with woolen jackets, hat covering ears, Indian hot tea (that helped a lot).
Started to climb with great enthusiasm, with few breaks in between and finally reached at the top.(Excluding few excited things to keep this post short.. 😀 ) At the top of the rock, it was freezing cold. But one glance around you, on that beautiful mother nature will make you forget all that pain. Its just awesome, trust me; you will forget every pain in your life and will throw yourself in that scenic natural creation.
If you love camping, its again a good place for you. If you like to capture this beautiful experience, have your SLR with you, fortunately one of my friend had it. And it definitely captured that mesmerizing place with sunset and happiness on our face of being together. 🙂 🙂 🙂
Here are some pictures which will tempt you to visit this place.

Downhill(@5:50 PM) made us super hungry and we landed up in Pizza Hut; for super hot bread sticks and veggie’lovers pizza.Do you think that, full stomach and tired, sleepy eyes forced us to drive back to have a restful sleep at home???
Well, though few people from group expected that; enthusiasm of some won over it and we headed to a beautiful town walk to see Christmas lighting. Ohhhh, what a superb lighting. I bet, every store in that downtown was looking like a star looking down from a sky. 🙂

While enjoying this lighting and Christmas decoration, we landed up on a ice-skating ground. Yes, Ice-skating!!! (Isn’t it crazy? 😛 )
With the shivering hands and legs, we put those skating shoes on and enjoyed my so called first ice-skating experience, which hardly lasted for an hour.

Finally, (@10:00 PM) we all started dreaming of a comfortable bed and restful sleep after that tiring day. We all started a drive back to home; with good memories in our hearts and their footprints in camera’s. Reached in Austin around @11:30 PM and crashed into our beds.

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