The Beginning!

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” -Dr. Benjamin Franklin

Now, later part in the above saying will require some time. People will be able to write something about me when they will come to know about my work. But former part is quite easy for me; as when I will start writing, it will result in something interesting which will worth be reading.
Keeping this interdependence in mind, I welcome you all to my beginning!
This entire space is a blend of my blog and portfolio.
Its a another way of communication(apart from social networking sites) between my mind and your thoughts.

Apart from above saying, here is something which encouraged me to start writing: eSakal (newspaper in Marathi language which I follow daily).
I am daily reader of this newspaper. Always wondered how writers feel when readers criticize or praise their writing. Some articles go through a fame and some through a pain. But writers keep writing to give their best. I am not very good writer, but this platform will surely help me to overcome my this bad.  I will discuss on different topics to entertain you.

A freedom with which I share my thoughts, with the same I expect your response!
So enjoy every moment of being a reader and help me in making myself a good writer!!! 🙂

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